Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wall Decals with Fabric


That you can have cute, adorable, wall decals with fabric...

All you need is:

* fabric that you love

* Iron on Adhesive, in the lite (that way it comes off if you need to without damaging the walls)

* An Iron

* A wall or door in my case that needs a little love!

This is a super easy and awesome tutorial... if you try it out please let me know and I will feature all the new wall art!!!

Step 1:
Cut out your fabric and Iron on Adhesive

Step 2:
Iron the wrong side to the shiny side (the one with out the paper, if you are unsure just follow the directions that the adhesive comes with... There are many types and if you have never used it before just go to your local fabric store and ask for it... they will know what you are talking about)

Step 3:
Trace your letters onto the back... ****REMEMBER that the letters MUST be backwards***

Step 4:
Cut out your letters

Step 5:
Pull the paper off the back and arrange them how you would like them on the wall.

Step 6:
Take out your iron (I know this part is scary) and put it about 1cm from the letter and then it will just stick!!!

Step 7:
Repeat until finished

Step 8:
Admire how you just added style and colour to your walls with very little effort and $$$.

I wish I knew about this when I rented... this would have been so much fun in a rental because if you don't like it, or are moving you just peel off the decals!!!

Have a great day and hope you try this out!!

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  1. How fun! I love the fact that you can rip them off and stick it else where.

    This would be great for parties :)

    Just Better Together

  2. This is so much fun! What a great idea. Pefect for rentals.