Thursday, September 16, 2010

Centerpeice Homework

Okay so hubby came home last night and said that he had to do a centerpeice for a cement company and the colours had to be red white and black...

I WAS SO EXCITED!!! But only had 2 hours till I had to go to work.

So we headed to the home depot and picked up a terra cotta planter, some cement, stir sticks and went home... okay actually hubby in his suit was carring it, and the bag broke... not gonna lie it looked really bad... and he wasn't too happy.

So because this company did bolders I thought I could "paint" the cement onto the planter and then add flowers in the red, white and black.

So hubby mixed the cement and I began to paint....

Here is how it looked before.

and after.

and this afternoon after picking it up from the flower shop... AMAZING JOB!!! I saw the black calla lilies and thought how cool... all I said was different, original and I thought black sticks would be really cool. Had I had more time I would have make cement flowers... but as it was it took the full 2 hours!!!

Do you likey???

I wanted to keep it so bad... but had to give it away... I hope they like it!

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