Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It is Personal!!!


To all my followers, some of you new, you may not yet get me... but I am like most of you, a daughter, a wife and a mother... and a grandaughter a friend and a co-worker. But in the last year my grandma, the wonderful woman who gave me my sewing machine, and helped me get on the creative train, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Last year 4 days before Christmas she was told she had breast cancer.

She waited to tell my mom, then my mom told me.

I more than enything just wanted to hug my mom, who was like I was, heartbroken.

I wanted to hug my grandma, who was scared.

I wanted to be with them... but I couldn't because I am in Canada, and they are in Alabama.

I have kept this very private, for many reasons, then, a few weeks ago Amy from New Nostalgia, a mother of three little girls was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cried, I prayed, and I have had this on my mind for awhile. (click to read her story)

As you all know I have made aprons, zipper pouches etc. Well I have for a few months now wanted to show a way of dedication and support to finding a cure for cancer. So from now on I will donate $1 from EVERY item that sells in my Etsy shop. In a few weeks I will add THE PINK LINE which all the proceeds from the sales of these items will go to research breast cancer... I will be adding more ways to help... these are just ones I want to start right now and these are my reasons:

My daughter
My Mother
My Grandma *has cancer
My Grandma H *survivor
My Grandma Goosey *passed away from breast cancer
My mother in law *survivor
My Aunt in law *survivor
My husbands grandma *passed away with cancer, I never met her.
My many aunts, and cousins
My girl friends

These are just women that are in my life, they make me want to find a cure, because I don't like looking at these odds.

If this is something you feel strongly about, I encourage you to join the blogging for boobies... if you buy something from me take the button, if you want to join in and add your own please do, if you just want to show support please take the button, and add it to your site... This means a lot to me, and I am sure to all of those who know someone who has had cancer effect their life.

Thank you guys!!! Love you all!!! Thanks for your support!!!


  1. this is so very awesome. thank you for mentioning me. what a great thing!! I have to have that "thanks for all your support" button. it is awesome! where did you get it?
    I'm posting this to my facebook page, I truly do appreciate it, and I'm so sorry for all the ways you have been touched by this stupid disease!!

  2. Sending the bra button your way!

  3. What a great cause Kati. Cancer has taken family members of mine too, as sadly I'm sure it has for most people.
    I have tried to add this button to my site but it won't work. So I've added your regular one instead for now!! Will try again another day (that's my technical trick for something thst won't work - try again another day!!)