Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nursey Decor and Design

So if you follow {k.p.d} on facebook then you know that the girl bedding design was the winner in my newest baby bedding line. SO I thought I would do a little post with some of the newest trends in the "baby decor" department....

I have to admit, that vintage, and shabby chic are my favorites for little girls. The are so sweet and simply delightful. When you sit holding your sweet baby in the antique rocking chair and have the lace curtains casting small shadows I can't help but let out a small {sigh}.


Now on the other hand... mod always interests me, I love the clean neutral look, the white walls and punches of colour.

{source}I love the textures, and the plushness (is that even a word) of todays nursery decor, it isn't the same crib, change table dresser. It is reporposed dressers which double as change tables and decor that has been passed down generations.

So now I ask... what is your favorite style? How would you decorate it???

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