Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to: Quit your day job... Hopefully!

Ruffles, Lace and Feathers OH MY! I have been working hard behind the scenes here getting ready to launch my new line on Friday, and open up my website.

URG... websites. Have any of you opened your own yet? I was going to hire someone but the cost was so high that I posted on facebook for some reccomendations. I got a lot, some suggested Etsy (which I have), others Bigcartel (have you heard of that?), some suggested the free "make your own website sites".... like www.weebly.com, I chose to actually blend the two, and once I realized that you can actually link the pages together {I am really dense when it comes to computers} I was super happy. Actually if you chose to sell on Bigcartel or Etsy you can link the pages to your site which is awesome because you don't loose your clients {or buisness cards don't have to be destroyed... YAY.}

This has been such a learning curve for me, I have literally either been sewing or reading up articles {Etsy, Socialnomics-Book, On-line resorces} to try and take myself to another level. I spoke to my dad and told him where I was at {UM IT IS CALLED A FUNK}, and he actually got me phone numbers of people in my area that could mentor me. I think that having a mentor is very important mainly because it offers you someone you can bounce your ideas off of, and someone who can tell you where you are either wasting your time or other contacts you can go to.

These are some of the steps that I have taken to Quit My Day Job:
1. Went to the bank and got a bank card for all of my {k.p.d} purchases
2. Took hubby to the bank so that we could find out where we are and how much we can afford to put away as our {saftey net}, as you all know I have two babies, and we own our house so I want to make sure that when I make my {leap of faith} that should I fall I have a little landing.
3. I have sat down and eliminated items I was really not feeling the groove in and then focused on items that I love to make over and over and over again. {hopefully}
4. I went to the library and got books out on small buisnesses, searched and web and most importantly found others that had similar companies as mine and guess what I E-MAILED THEM!! Asked their opinions!
5. Looked at pricing, how much is my time worth? Design item, make pattern, buy fabric, take pictures, edit pictures, upload to {shop} and then create the description, tags etc, sell item, package item and put stamps on it, then go to the post office. Obviously I don't want to do all that for one $5 item... So I sat down and reviewed the process.

This is just the beginning for me, and for you too... I love the handmade buisness, it is full of wonderful sweet and lushious items and all made by really wonderful people. I hope that this helps even just one of you.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments please leave them I love to hear from you all and I miss you so very much!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nursey Decor and Design

So if you follow {k.p.d} on facebook then you know that the girl bedding design was the winner in my newest baby bedding line. SO I thought I would do a little post with some of the newest trends in the "baby decor" department....

I have to admit, that vintage, and shabby chic are my favorites for little girls. The are so sweet and simply delightful. When you sit holding your sweet baby in the antique rocking chair and have the lace curtains casting small shadows I can't help but let out a small {sigh}.


Now on the other hand... mod always interests me, I love the clean neutral look, the white walls and punches of colour.

{source}I love the textures, and the plushness (is that even a word) of todays nursery decor, it isn't the same crib, change table dresser. It is reporposed dressers which double as change tables and decor that has been passed down generations.

So now I ask... what is your favorite style? How would you decorate it???

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ruffle Back Shoes

So my girlfriend just had a baby and I wanted to make a pair of shoes for her to wear.... AND we all know how I love me some {ruffles}.... and flowers...so here is what I came up with.

I love the addition of the flower, so pretty and feminine. These make me smile.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Indie Buisness 3.0 and MORE

It has been almost a year since I started blogging, it has been only 8 months since I started sewing and really still getting the hang of it all. But if you are like me, and wanting to start your own buisness, either a sewing, crafting, photography or a like type of company then you will want to sign up for Indie Buisness 3.0...we can be classmates AND the teachers are amazing.... go and check it out!

In the last few months I have been really struggling to try and find out better ways to make KPD my only form of income. I am currently reading two books which I highly recomend: Socianomics and Sociable, both teach you how to use your computer as you marketing tool. (I in no way was paid to endorse this I simply really found them interesting and helpful...)

So not sure how many of you this might help but I know I needed someone to help me, and I would love some company on this journey!!!

xoxox Kati

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Please Vote Boy or Girl

Okay so I have been so super buys with KPD that I have had very little time to play with new ideas BUT that is changing as I have slotted in so "free time" sewing so that I can keep my sanity!! LOL... So I really really want to do some baby bedding... But I don't have an order or a friend to do it for so I am leaving it up to you guys.... and my facebook peeps (if you don't already like it please stop by and take a look... I post daily on there and am always adding new pictures.) to vote on either Boy bedding or Girl bedding. I have two sample charts that have 4 fabric selections, you are voting for the COMBINATION not and individual fabric. So let me know... Boy or Girl???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Q&A Kate Pixley

Jill from Creating My Way to Success sent me a Q&A a few weeks ago... I was finally able to return it to her. Here is her post. Thanks Jill!!!