Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So it has been awhile since I did a giveaway and really I feel I need to thank all of you who are following me. So I am giving away this little blue zipper pouch...

These are staples in my house or bag, they are awesome they can be used as a make-up bag, a grab and go bag, a little travel toy bag for the kids, a tiny toiletry bag, a "personal" bag... SO many possibilites and this one could be yours.

Here are the rules: (you have to at least follow my blog to win, but you can have many entries)

1. Become a follower and leave a comment, if you already are a follower then leave a comment telling me that you are. (1 entry)

2. Become a fan of my facebook page (2 entries)

The winner will be picked by Random.org Friday Oct 1st, 2010 @ midnight and announced Saturday morning.

Good Luck!!!

Weekend Sewing Club

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So I don't know how many people you need to make a club but I will venture out and say more than one. Even so I had a great meeting... and um... okay I just got a lot of needed stuff done. AS WELL I had an amazing day yesturday when I got my professional photos of my product in. YEAH so pretty!! I am so thankful that I was able to get them done. I will post more about this later with more pictures tho... however the photographer Angie did take some of these... and I LOVE THEM...

Here is what I made this weekend. I for the first time sewed with Chinelle... HMMM, not my favorite, I HATE that it crawls... no matter how many pins... it just took longer than I would like, and it rolls and curls and just isn't as much fun... but pretty outcome.

Here is a midnight experiment... the boys bib with tie.

Hope you like it... have a great day!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Featuring My Favorites Friday #4

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I cannot beleive that this is week 4 already, I have to say it really is something I look forward to doing every week... You guys are so inspirational, and really I love having my cup of coffee and reading your blogs, looking at your tutorials and all of your great creations.

Now that I have babbled... here is what I loved this week

Mod Podge Pumpkins from The Other White House= BRILLIANT!

If you love these like I do, head over there and check out her tutorial.

Light Make-Over Quick, Spooky and Temporary by Ooops I've craft my pants (I love her name)

Oh this one is super cute, they take a bout 15 minutes AND you can remove them after Halloween.... This is also a tutorial!

Halloween Sign by Poppies At Play

This is so cute playing up the subway art!

Boys Hat by I am Momma-Hear Me Roar

This is so cute, I love it... if I didn't already have a bunch of hats for Joshua this year this would be a MUST!!!

Okay well those are just some of my favorites this week... I am on the count down for my first Craft Fair... so a little nervous and busy getting ready.... 55 days!!!

Have a great weekend, be safe and lots of love.... if you were featured grab a button!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Planner Face Lift

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Do you guys remember last week when I revamped my address book.... well that was all in preperation for my day planner.

Every year I buy this AMAZING day planner... it is honestly the worlds best... it has everything in it that a mom could need... including games for the kids, cross words, word search and word scramble etc... so really this amazing little planner is SO MUCH MORE! And it is only $8 at Costco... so it trumps the ice cream.

Well when I ordered the fabric two weeks ago I thought FOR SURE that the Damask would be my new cover, then oh then I saw the beautiful Michael Miller Daisy Doodle Dandy and had to make it my cover.

Here is the before:

Here is the after ~ FRONT


Inside Pen Pocket

Hope you love it... CAUSE I DO!!!


Burlap and Bags


I had a great day yesturday creating with burlap.... I have never had any to sew with so it was SO much fun to sit down and play with one of my favorite materials!!!

This is what I came up with...

Double ruffles...
Lined with Vintage cotton fabric
Handcrafted burlap rosette

YEAH so excited!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay I am so excited... I just got my shipment of new fabric in today... we don't have joannes or anything really great... we have a dinky dirty old fabric store that more times than not you buy the fabric and then have to clean it... GRRR not on my to do list! I would prefer to buy online and get nice clean fabric... and there is more selection! (at a better price... $22/meter here vs $6 yard in the states.... HMMMM!)

Okay done with the rant... here is a sneak peak to some of my fabrics!

Amy Butler ~ Paradise Garden in Midnight

Amy Butler~ Sun Spots in Midnight

Tanya Whelan ~ Glamour in Brown

Rebert Kaufman ~ Damask

Michael Miller ~ Ta Dot Aqua

Michael Miller ~ Dasiy Doodle Dandy

Michael Miller ~ Old Script

These are just some and I am so excited to start getting ready for the big Christmas Craft Fair, which is my first and I am very nervous... so hopefully it will go well!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here are my answers!

1. What is your Zodiac sign?
Gemini, and I am so like it, I have a very quiet, clean organized side and then a completly crazy, do anything messy side and hubby never knows what he will wake up too lol.

2. Name 3 things that are always in your purse besides your wallet.
designs on scrap peices of paper, wallet and mac lipstick

3. Which magazines do you look at the most?
I love People and US weekly, I read Parenting, Martha Stewart, Oprah and INstyle as much as possible.

4. Do you pluck or get your eyebrows waxed?
Puck if I have to... BUT I usually nair... cause really why go through any pain!

5. How often do you go grocery shopping?
Every Saturday night after work, we go as a whole family and we buy only for that week, we started this a month ago and have found that we waste less money and hardly ever throw away good food.


It is Personal!!!


To all my followers, some of you new, you may not yet get me... but I am like most of you, a daughter, a wife and a mother... and a grandaughter a friend and a co-worker. But in the last year my grandma, the wonderful woman who gave me my sewing machine, and helped me get on the creative train, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Last year 4 days before Christmas she was told she had breast cancer.

She waited to tell my mom, then my mom told me.

I more than enything just wanted to hug my mom, who was like I was, heartbroken.

I wanted to hug my grandma, who was scared.

I wanted to be with them... but I couldn't because I am in Canada, and they are in Alabama.

I have kept this very private, for many reasons, then, a few weeks ago Amy from New Nostalgia, a mother of three little girls was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cried, I prayed, and I have had this on my mind for awhile. (click to read her story)

As you all know I have made aprons, zipper pouches etc. Well I have for a few months now wanted to show a way of dedication and support to finding a cure for cancer. So from now on I will donate $1 from EVERY item that sells in my Etsy shop. In a few weeks I will add THE PINK LINE which all the proceeds from the sales of these items will go to research breast cancer... I will be adding more ways to help... these are just ones I want to start right now and these are my reasons:

My daughter
My Mother
My Grandma *has cancer
My Grandma H *survivor
My Grandma Goosey *passed away from breast cancer
My mother in law *survivor
My Aunt in law *survivor
My husbands grandma *passed away with cancer, I never met her.
My many aunts, and cousins
My girl friends

These are just women that are in my life, they make me want to find a cure, because I don't like looking at these odds.

If this is something you feel strongly about, I encourage you to join the blogging for boobies... if you buy something from me take the button, if you want to join in and add your own please do, if you just want to show support please take the button, and add it to your site... This means a lot to me, and I am sure to all of those who know someone who has had cancer effect their life.

Thank you guys!!! Love you all!!! Thanks for your support!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Featuring My Favorites Friday #3

Welcome to week 3, yeah... I have to say that I look forward to this during the week. I know I love it when I get featured, so it is nice to spread the love.

Now on with what I was LOVING this week...

Painted Canvases from Make It and Love It

Go over and check it out, if you love the canvas' that's awesome CAUSE she shows you how to get your craft on and make em'.

Fall Candle Sticks from Dittle Dattle

Toddler Dress from Our Daily Obsessions

Fall Garland Tutorial from A Glimpse Inside

This one actually got me giddy please check it out!!! She even shows you how to make it!

A Sweet Cottage Room on Design Dazzle

Okay I have to say that design dazzle is my place to go when I need ideas for the kids rooms, when I was (and still am) decorating the kids rooms I was on her site daily.

These projects are great and give me an even BIGGER to do list!!! YEAH!

If you were featured grab a button

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dream Plaque Re-Vamp Part 2...

So I was in a bit of a funk... so I decided to play with some fabric, and see about making those pretty little fabric rosettes. Well I didn't use glue... and you will know why at the end of this post... I used just a needle and thread... I actually found it SUPER easy. I was going to make something for Peyton's hair but then as I got going I really loved the idea of them on the Dream Plaque that I made back in June. At the time that I made it I really wanted a flower but didn't end up adding any... Then... today ... I DID.



What do you think????

Oh and... um... yeah I won't be using superglue anytime soon.... I spilled it onto my hands... and lets just say my wedding ring is now permanent! LOL

Creations by Kara

Centerpeice Homework

Okay so hubby came home last night and said that he had to do a centerpeice for a cement company and the colours had to be red white and black...

I WAS SO EXCITED!!! But only had 2 hours till I had to go to work.

So we headed to the home depot and picked up a terra cotta planter, some cement, stir sticks and went home... okay actually hubby in his suit was carring it, and the bag broke... not gonna lie it looked really bad... and he wasn't too happy.

So because this company did bolders I thought I could "paint" the cement onto the planter and then add flowers in the red, white and black.

So hubby mixed the cement and I began to paint....

Here is how it looked before.

and after.

and this afternoon after picking it up from the flower shop... AMAZING JOB!!! I saw the black calla lilies and thought how cool... all I said was different, original and I thought black sticks would be really cool. Had I had more time I would have make cement flowers... but as it was it took the full 2 hours!!!

Do you likey???

I wanted to keep it so bad... but had to give it away... I hope they like it!