Friday, September 10, 2010

A twist I say!!!

OKAY I know I have put alot of tea towel holders up here and I promise I will have some new stuff... but you have to see what I have been working on!!!!

So my dad's wife asked me to make her mom and aunt a tea towel holder. Vicki is very easy going and when I said what would you like she said one yellow, and one pink... those are the requirments... NOW I TRIED to talk her into giving me some more imput but...nope... she is kinda awesome like that and says anything I want will look great... (I know all other crafters will think that is cool... because lets face it... that means we can go crazy with our ideas!)

So I went with a standard potholder but I custom made it for the yellow one....

Then went crazy and tried a totally new look for the pink one....

What do you think???

Which one to you like better?

Oh and while I was sewing Joshua was making his binder for school... her in ole' Canada kids start school in mis September... and they aren't out of school till late June... I KNOW!

So here is his craft project he wanted me to share....

and I can't just share one, so here is little miss Peyton's. Hope this makes you smile... sure makes me!

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  1. I love them both! I have never thought to make them like this, thanks for the inspiration! Your kids are adorable! My youngest is 11 and a half now and I miss the little ones! We homeschool and have been doing schoolwork for 8 weeks already!