Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Camera Needs a Case.... DONE!

Hello All!

So this weekend my hubby and I bought a inexpensive camera (which I love) as just a quick point and shoot, take to the park and beach, have to lug around in my purse just for those kodak moments. Well being inexpensive it had no camera case and it needed one... so being the new crafty that I am I whipped one up between breakfast, snack, potty training and all other things mommy....

I have always wanted a red camera... so here is a picture of my camera... I think that it really likes it's new home.

Here is how I made this:

I actually just placed my camera on the fabric, folded it as though it was in a case and then gave a 1/2 inch seem allowance. I then cut two strips of fabric same size, then quilting batting in the same size as the fabric... Quilted the opink fabric to the batting... then sewed the green fabric on top of the pink, I left an opening and then pulled it out like a pillow... then sewed around the edges and did an elastic for the button.... I did a blind stich for the button. Honestly I think I will do a real button hole for my next one... not in love with the way this one sits...

So there you have it... e-mail me if you have any questions.
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  1. Kati that camera case is AMAZING! So cute. I would like one please. I'll buy two!!

  2. sooooo awesome!.... I should get a case like that for Kamylle for her camera and give it to her at X-mas... plus I LOVE the cell phone case too!... now here's a challenge... I need a workout top that has a pocket for my cell, keys, and DL.... I guess that's totally different material... do they even make tops like that?! you are SUPER talented!

  3. I definitely like this! Everyone should have one of these to protect their cameras in, especially since now cameras these days are coming out with touch screens.

    I hope you enjoy your new camera and camera case!

  4. Congrats on the camera and loving the new case :)
    This is why i love sewing so much as you can make such cute things!

    Stopped by from Tea Rose Home's link party

  5. This is perfect for little cameras. They just don't make cute camerea bags for little cameras. My camera lens sticks out a bit and it is hard to find a bag to fit it...I guess I should just make one! Thanks for sharing your project.

  6. Brianne and Angie DONE AND DONE...

  7. I love it! Maybe you could share with me how you came up with the dimensions some other details?? Did you use batting or interfacing? And how did you do the button? I don't see a hole? Thanks so much! derekannette at gmail dot com

  8. Very cute! I made something like this but it didn't turn out nearly as cute.