Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BLAH... a bib and camera case.

Okay I am sorry guys I have been looking at my blog for a few days and just haven't been able to post... I am having a blah day(s). It has been raining, and on Sunday I was having a pretty bad day with my back, and was mainly laying down on my bed, Monday I worked and my back was so bad I actually didn't bathe my babies... I did this morning tho because I felt so guilty.

I have so many great idea's but just not able to fully execute them... I have one fabric but not the other, I don't have either elastic, snaps, or Velcro. So I hold off on the project all together because I don't like half finished projects.

I did make a bib and another experimental camera case today because I found some flannel that I purchased a few months ago on sale. Have you ever seen those rag quilts... well I have one for little Peyton which was a baby gift, and I have loved it. So now that I have a machine and am learning to sew I thought I would give the bib a try. And because I just had to know how it would look I made a Rag Quilt Camera Case... which is actually really cute because I am all about ruffles, and I find this technique gives the ruffle look.

So here they are... no I didn't put a button on this camera case because I am not sure if I want a snap or Velcro... as I said in another post I wasn't in love with the button I put on my original Camera Cozy. The first picture is before I washed it, and then the next one is after it was washed and put in the dryer to make it nice and ruffley (is that even a word?)

Here is Elwynn's bib but I didn't wash it yet... I might but who knows I might give it to Angie and let her wash it and have the ruffle suprise.

Lastly, I have ordered my fabric lables and they are on their way AAANNNDDDD have started work on my website so that all my products will be up and for sale YEAH!!! So I will be working hard and taking pictures for all of you to see.

I hope you all have a great day... and I am really sorry I am not offering more inspiration.

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  1. oh Kati! thank you so much! As you know, bibs come in quite handy for Elwynn these days.