Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little tote....

So my mom gave me her serger last week... I KNOW!!! How excited am I... although I also know how much she loves it and will miss it... I will hug it good night mom...

But with that came a truck load of really cool fabrics... stuff from 1 month-20 years ago.

One of my favorite items was a little envelope that says "Mama's Cape" I opened it up and here on newspaper from the late 70's was a pattern for a little cape. I looked at my mom and said "so I guess this is just in my blood" looking at all the patterns my mom made, my grandma made, and, my great grandma... I hold a piece of all of them every time I cut, sew and create... xoxo to my love and inspiration, mom, grandma and great grandma (even though I never met my great grandma...)

Okay, so as well I had a zipper with a hmmmm.... orange... what to do... then a friend gave me a little fabric... THANK YOU and I went to work tonight... I am not fully thrilled, and would change a lot but this is so far what I have... the inside isn't finished... but still I wanna know what you think.

As well some of you will remember my post with my personalized necklace order... well I got it this week!!! AND LET ME TELL YOU... it is so perfect and pretty I can't even stand it... here is a picture but it isn't the best... Bead Creations said they will send me a picture as well, honestly I will so totally order from them again!!!! (Just so you all know hubby took the pic... THANKS DEAR!!!)

Anyways hope you guys have a great day!!!!


  1. Hi Kati

    So just a couple of weeks ago you'd never put in a zip - and now you're making a bag like this!! Amazing! It really must be in your blood! My mum and granny both sewed, and I love it when mum brings out some fabric for me from her box - brings back lovely memories!

    Thanks for linking up your fabulous bag!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Did you make that bag? If you did it's lovely! I really like the shape of it :)