Monday, July 19, 2010

Today I am linked to Sugar Bee

Okay aside from the fact that I love her name... what are great little blog!

Check it and all the other cool items out there... such great ideas!!!

As well I sorted through my fabric... oh and my hubby saw it... oooppps yes I did go to the fabric store... uh huh yes it was an additional 40% off... (okay I already get 50% off) so you try and tell me that 90% off is something to snuff at... Yeah did not think so!!! As well as remnants for buy one get 2 free... ME LIKLEY!! And I have so much to make just so little time... is it wrong to think of crafting in the shower???? Please someone say no... I am begging you! I will post my tutorial of the Hanger for Peyton'r room as well... oh I just love this!!

Have an amazing and wonderful day folks!!!

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