Friday, July 23, 2010

The Suggestion Box Winner...

I bet you all didn't even know that I was having this contest but I have 2 ladies who made a comment... I want to do a giveaway... and for their comments they win a sweet little present from me... just because...

So Nicole @ Whimsy Lane and Sarah (the student knitter) send me an e-mail with your address and I will send your present this week....

Thank you for your support and suggestions... when we hit 25 followers I will do an Apron Giveaway!


  1. awwww.. thank you so much! I can't find your email! LOL

    I dunno if you keep up on my blog or not (hehe) but I'm going to be in Vancouver next week! (the first week of august). I'm so excited to be going home! I keep checking because it looks like the weather will be BEEEAUtiful. :)

  2. Yes I saw your picture of chilliwack... it is beautiful.... today is nice and warm... not so warm you can't sleep but nice enough to wear a swimsuit at the beach... perfect weather!!!

    Well if your here I can't always break the computer silence and give it to you in person... I will e-mail you right now!

  3. What a fun surprise this morning to see your blog post! You are such a sweetie! I couldn't fnd your email, but if you email me at I will get back to you with my address! Thanks a bunch!