Thursday, July 29, 2010

Personalized Necklaces...

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY ending today!!!

Okay so I am a huge fan of this look... I love to wear meaningful jewellery and throughout blog world i have seen MANY of these... but I love how different these are. The two tone tree is by far my favorite, but I also want one that has the kids birthstones... that in itself creates a bit of a "thing" because my kids birthdays are May and July so Emerald and Ruby.... Christmas much??

I stumbled across Bead Creations International and have fallen in love.

I am on my way to order some of these amazing necklaces... maybe at some point we can do a giveaway of these....

i think this will be my only post today as it is my little lady's birthday... but hope you all have an AMAZING DAY!

Don't forget to make your comments... winners will be chosen this weekend... OH and make sure to get as many entries as possible that means a comment on all posts!!!! GOOD LUCK so far the odds are great!

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  1. The family trees are my favs :)