Monday, July 5, 2010

From Signs of Love to Words.... Our Journey Part 12

So yeah Joshua said "Hi" and the excitement was through the roof, I was screaming Chris was laughing and Joshua went on repeat and I swear that word will always hold a sweet place in my heart. This word which was so small had such a presence and meaning for our little family.

We called all of our family and friends and while most were out so they had messages it was amazing to hear the screams on the other end of those calls. What made the whole moment so much happier was that Joshua knew what he was saying and that we understood him. This was the first of many.

By September I was dropping Joshua off at preschool and his teachers all waited eagerly to meet the little boy who signed... only to be greeted with a "hi." Just one month prior he couldn't say anything and now he had about 10 words. Each day a new word each moment a new sound, he was like a desert tasting water for the first time in years absorbing every single sound big and small.

I will never forget the day that I picked Joshua up from school and his teacher said, "he learned how to say his colours," Joshua runs out of the class room and screams "HI MUMMY, AHHAHAHA BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, RED, AHHHAHHAHHAHH" With tears streaming down my face I turned away so that he didn't think it was making me sad, I held his sweet little hand and walked him to the car. While in the car I asked every colour I could think of and then I said "aubergine".... and it was silent, then with a clever little smile I got "auber ene."

Now the trying of new words may not sound like world class news but to us it was. He never tried to imitate me, if I said something that was too hard he would never attempt or TRY. We have a very sweet little saying that Joshua has and whenever Peyton falls, or I miss a step in whatever I am doing... or when he attempts something and does not succeed he always reminds us to "TRY TRY AGAIN."

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