Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Towel Hanger for Joshua...

So I stumbled accross this little tutorial for a towel hanger and just had to make it myself. I have felt really over done with the daily stuff and my wonderful mom came over today for 2 hours and the sweet heart that she is she let me have a "break" and go shopping... where eles would I go but to my local craft store. The cashier Kim (yes I know her name) saw me and just laughed and said "you really like it here eh?" UM YEAH!!!!

I had to focus, not buy too much, just get what I needed for the project. I had already purchased the paper (Bo Bunny) and I loved it, so all I needed was:

1. wood frame
2. mod podge
3. sponge brushes
4. a knob for the "hanger" part.

After 30 minutes I had this little gem... yeap that is all it takes and you have yourself an amazing custom hanger. I also stopped off and picked up towels and I am making the kids custom towels as Peyton's hanger is on the way.

If this interests you check out Ash & Aly website and check out her tutorial. I did a few changes and when I make Peytons I will do the tutorial so all you guys can try it.

OH. PS since mom saved my crafting butt I gave her the yellow apron from yesturday... it made her so happy...


  1. It looks great! I love the hook you used! Fantastic job! (Thanks for linking!!) I'll be adding a picture and your blog address to my Aly&Ash facebook group so come check it out!

  2. your mom looks great... and awesome job on the aprons! ~ Ang B