Thursday, July 22, 2010

Linkin up to Crystal's Craft Spot...

Ok so I am linking up to Crystal's Craft spot today and really you must join me... Crystal is one of those super nice people that you WANT to know... I can say this because I e-mailed her months ago and she took the time to help me out with her button... and other stuff... really head over check out her blog... and all the other link ups...

Make your day a happy one!!! I will....

xoxo Kati...

p.s... I am just dying to do a giveaway... is anyone interested???? if so what would you like given away?? And no my children are not options, husband maybe... love you babe! take a look around my blog and see what I have made... then put a comment with your suggestions... I have been saying once I get 25 followers... originally it was 100 but I want to give something away OH SO BAD.... kinda hoping today is the day...


  1. ooo a giveaway! How about a cute apron? Or maybe some fabric? I have no fabric stash yet as just a budding sewist! :)

  2. I LOVE the little apron that you made. So adorable! Giveaways are so fun!

  3. Okay then my two newest memebers I guess I will do an apron then... Thanks for the input... I have a few tutorials that I am just finishing up... and then I will post like a maniac... I am just enjoying the sunshine... I live in rain 10 months out of the year... so this is just so nice... Thanks for your suggestions... I do like a stash giveaway... but as a new sewer (os of June) I don't have a stash to give away... I will have to keep that one for later.

    Because you two ladies were so sweet with your suggestions I would like to send you something... just small... but e-mail me and I will send your gift this week!!!

  4. Thanks for this sweet post! YOu really made my day.