Monday, March 1, 2010

To sew or not to sew? That is my question

So years ago I was taught by my amazing and wonderful 4-H member mother how to sew... (this woman is amazing... and she in seconds can see an outfit and make a pattern and then sew it buy the end of the day and it WILL look store bought... but me??? ) I have tried to sew things and they are okay but very well... lets call it "creative" and they just never look right... I will give you an example... I made this what I thought was a really cute pillow with lots of colours etc. and when we moved we got rid of lots of stuff I tried to take it to the local Value Village (a second hand clothing store) and they said they would not accept it... I was like really even as a cute give away? Maybe some person is out there thinking I wish that there was a round blue, yellow,red, green alien pillow and look they have one and now I found it... they guy laughed and said he doubted it... CRUSHED!

So after that I have found lots of little projects that I would like to attempt... I will post some of the ones I love and later will post what I chose...

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