Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Signs of Love to Words.... Our Journey Part 1

My son Joshua will be 4 in May, and honestly I catch myself looking at him and thinking really? It has only been 3 years since this amazing and wonderful little boy changed my entire life? 3 years, almost 4 now since he was placed in my arms and I was told "Congrats Mommy"... wow! I had no idea what the word "mommy" truly ment... what it is to hold that title... now I do. Here is our story.

I was young when I had Joshua, I was 21, 5 days short of 22... I was two weeks early but I had been on bed rest from 28 weeks so I was happy to meet the little man/ or lady as we opted to keep it a suprise. My water broke at my best friends house, on her couch and as I was driving home I received a call asking if "I felt wet?" I replyed "no" and Holly (my best friend) said "cause, um.... your water broke on my couch" I was so embarrassed that I actually found my self lying "Really? cause I am not wet at all... maybe it was your cat?"

2 Days later I was induced, and it was a very hard and painful labour. I am allergic to Latex and I had explained that to the Dr's and nurses however there was an accident and they ended up using latex gloves and a latex catheter. As a result my body swelled to three times the normal amount... I actually got stretch marks from it! 21 Hours and 2.5 hours of pushing later I met my little man, it was literally a second I saw him and he saw me, and then we realized I was in trouble, and now so was Joshua. There was a code blue on Joshua, and I went into shock because with all the swelling the placenta broke inside of me and I went toxic. The nurses and Dr told my mom who was with me to step outside while they worked, she told them that if I was as serious as they said I was she was going to stay. She said "I was here when she was brought into this world, if she leaves it I want to be here." WOW. I have to say I adore my mom, and she is other than my husband and kids the most wonderful thing that has ever happend to me.

After alot of issues at the hospital I was released and went home with my husband... we were so very new at being parents. I look back now and am amazed that we managed to keep him alive. Honestly you have to take a course to learn how to do anything now, a computer is really complex so you take a course, and if you really mess it up and fry the mother board you buy a new one... but you can have a kid with no course, nothing... and if you mess it up... well therapy will be the least of your issues.

I was young and that is not an excuse, but I didn't know that there are places for you to go in your town or on the internet. I had no idea what I was doing and my family Dr at the time was not helpful. Joshua was always quiet, he was what most people would describe as the perfect baby... (after the colic was gone) I could take him on airplanes, to weddings, on car rides and he would would sit quietly, he might play with a toy, but he was SUPER cuddly and loved to be held. His milestones were met but very late, sitting at 6 months, crawling at 13 months, walking at 19 months... and now first word at 3 years 2 months!

When Joshua was 14 months old he and I were in an automobile accident. I was driving, he was in a childs seat in the back, asleep. We were stopped at a red light and a drunk driver rear ended the car behind me which rear ended me and then I was slamed into the car in front of me(a 4 car pile up). Joshua stopped crawling, cried all the time and we just all felt like something was wrong. The hospital released him and me, and our Dr said he was fine, and that he probably just had whiplash. I should give him a few days and it would be better, so as I had always done I waited, because I trusted my Dr.

When Joshua was 18 months old I became pregnant with our daughter Peyton. We were still getting our lives in order after the accident, and I took him to the Dr regularly because he was still not walking, and had not said anything yet. He had his own language, "ahhhahahhaaa ahhahhaahhhaa" but nothing over that. The dr said not to worry... So I tried not to. I held on to hope that walking would be like crawling, one day he decided to crawl and it was perfect, no rocking, he just made the choice to crawl. As it turned out he began to walk on Halloween, he stood up and took one step, then two, then started to run, and never crawled again.

When Joshua was 21 months old we went out for dinner with a friend and his group of friends. There we met a girl, my age, with a little 19 month old son, and she too was pregnant. Her little boy was pointing to him mom's tummy saying baby, and mommy, daddy, hi, bye and so many other words. My husband and I looked at each other and there was a almost disbelief. When we got home we began what I call the search for words.

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