Saturday, March 27, 2010

Organize Me, Myself and All the Things Around Me.

As most of you know my hubby Chris and I just moved into a bigger townhouse. We bought a 3 bedroom with rec room which is for the kids... okay really it is to keep me from loosing my cool every time I walk into my living room and step on that proverbial Hot Wheel... GRRR! I need a space for me... so that we are not living on top of each other all the time.

So we moved here in January and immediately after I had back surgery to repair the damage done by the wonderful car accident I had back in July 2007. Some may wonder why I am just having the surgery now but that is another post... and that post is one I should right after a few glasses of wine because that is all I will be doing. As we moved in and the house was a disaster... it looked fine when we did our walk through but was a nightmare when we actually went in. It took 7 hours to clean the stove and oven because it had never been pulled out and cleaned... it was so gross! There was a slug under the oven! YUCK! Anyways the time that I had before the surgery and after the nightmare of a move was only 10 days... and so I set up the kitchen the best I could as well as the bathroom... The living room was pretty close and everything else would have to wait.

I had the surgery and I thought that I would be better in about 4 weeks... I am now on week 7 and I am really no better now than I was at week 2... which makes me quite upset. I have stared at these walls now for 7 weeks from a couch... and I am a get up and do it yourself lady... not a sit and wait for it to get done. So I have a lot of ideas and no way of exercising my requests... except to ask Chris and he has painted the almost the entire downstairs.

So I have come to the conclusion I will organize myself in small ways at first... doing what I can... financially, emotionally and then move to the house... it is my goal by summer that this house runs so smoothly that no form of distraction can change this new machine...

Here is my goal list:

Become debt free

Dedicate time to myself to do things that I like... sewing, scrap booking etc.

NO MORE LOOSE PAPER around the house... we always seem to have piles of stuff everywhere and I have no idea how this happens because I HATE paper... and I thought

I had made myself a paperless family... guess not!

Finish all the projects around the house... ALL 56 OF THEM.... Sorry Chris 55 of them you will need to do.

Finish all the rooms including my bedroom... with curtains and all (I am really bad at not ever having curtains... our neighbours love us)

I think that this is a possible achievement if I work hard.... okay make Chris work hard!

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