Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Family Tree

Okay so my dad and I have been talking alot about our/ my family tree. Years ago he did a massive amount of work to identify where we came from. I went out for dinner with him the other night and we sat and talked about my Great Grandparents, my Great Great Grandparents, what their professions were and where in the world they came from. This got me thinking. I love family trees but no one ever displays them... I cam across a website called "A girl and her glue gun" and she had done the coolest family tree on her wall. I was then searching for some Bo Bunny scrapbooking supplies and I came across a family tree that is just simply the coolest idea ever for someone who is really crafty. I have since found many pictures of really awesome creative ways to display your family tree. Now that we are in our new house I will have to use one of our bare walls to be creative... Which one is your favorite?


  1. oooh, the last one! Where's you find that?

  2. A girl and her Glue gun... she is on my blog roll.... her stuff is wonderful!

  3. So, what did you do? :) I like the last one!