Saturday, March 13, 2010

Personalized Kids Pillows.... Fun and Easy to Make!

How cool is this, a great personalized pillow just for your little one made by the one and only YOU! I fully plan on making a bunch of these... As soon as my back is better. If anyone tackles this before me let me know how it worked. As I have said in earlier posts... I like to sew but am not the greatest... we will see.

You can go to:

And see more images and get the pattern yourself... I am so excited!!! YEAH!


  1. if you could make me one for Cory and Carrie Anne..I'll pay you! I love it! LOL

  2. ha ha ha wait until you see it before you offer to pay for it! once I tackle one for Joshua and Peyton I will be pro for your kids.... we could even go out and get fabric together!