Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peyton's Dresser Before and After

First I want to say YEAH and thank you so very much.... yesterday I hit 50 followers.... while that doesn't seem like a lot I never thought that I would get here... So thank you to everyone who reads my blog, makes comments and follows... I actually do go into every followers blog (if possible) and look around... You guys make me very happy!!! THANK YOU!

Last year at about this time I found a dresser for dirt cheap on craigslist... I really wanted something vintage in my little ladies room.

Well it was damaged, and it needed work and I wanted a white dresser... ALL WHITE. We moved in January and the movers did some damage breaking the mirror encasing and really just damaging the dresser.

ENTER: My daddy... (the man who calls me little pix and pixley in case you were wondering why Kate Pixley) and his amazing craftsmanship. I swear if it could be built and he had the proper material he could do it!!!

He took both Joshua's dresser (see before and after here) and Peyton's. Her dresser needed much more work and time and I think the paint that was used is really heavy duty.... as it is plastic so it won't be ruined by make-up when she is older ... I might have ruined mine that way.

So here is the before:

You can see the damage in the pictures to the tops and sides. He actually took the whole top off and shaved off about a quarter of and inch because it was so damaged.

Here is the after with mirror on top:

Isn't it pretty!!! My dad is putting a plaque on the back that reads to Peyton Love Grandpa... ( I still have my little stool that he made and put to kati love daddy 1985) So I know this will be cherished!!!

I hope you all have a great day!!!



  1. Looks fantastic! And congrats on the 50 followers! :)

  2. Oh My gosh! This is SO PRETTY! Your father is amazing!

    Just Better Together

  3. This turned out great...I'm one of your new followers. I saw you linked from someone else's blog, and your name is Kati, spelled just like mine (there isn't very many of us!), so I had to be a new follower :)

    My profile is blocked so here is my link

  4. Oh Kati, the dresser came out beautiful, and your Daddy sounds wonderful, God bless him! I'm thinking of painting a dresser and headboard myself, so I'm not real sure what I'm getting myself into here, but with time crushed as it is, I figure I'm just going to have to do it in baby steps, a little at a time.. It will be worth it, and look beautiful in the end!.. I hope! Have a good night! ~tina

  5. That turned out so pretty. The white is perfect.