Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have been busy... But have eye candy!

I am so sorry I have been busy. But with being sick last week, and preparing for the Christmas Craft Fair (my first one) and working full time, and the kids I have had no time to thing.... I forgot to eat one day last week, it was 4 before I even thought about it... So again I am sorry... but I thought I would share some new products with you.
This picture looks dark, and I see that now that they are uploaded... but the fabric is the same used in the camera/ iphone/cell phone cases

These are the camera/iphone/cellphone cases.

So this is just a little of what I have been working on... on top of that my girlfriend made little buisness cards for me to have at the fair... and to put on products. These are it... I couldn't decide which one I liked better... so both it is!

I hope to post some more... again I am really sorry!!!


  1. No need to apologize...we can't ever let blogging be our first priority in life!

    Love them all...and the business cards are incredible!!