Friday, November 12, 2010

Featuring My Favorites Friday

Oh wow this week has been... interesting... Chris has been home all week because he was really sick, but NOW he is driving up to Kelowna to see his brother... leaving me.... ALL BY MYSELF ( think of that part in song)...

To understand what this house feels like right now to me is to know that I have not had a night away from the kids and hubby in 4 years and 10 months.... that is not a joke or exaggeration... I have had a night away from the kids, and a night away from the hubster but not both... SO WEIRD!

I haven't been on the computer this week... I have been busy heloing hubby and the kids and trying to get ready for the craft fair. So excited and so nervous at the same time... I have never done a craft fair before, I hope people like my stuff!

Okay okay... enough about me... (sorry I just miss you guys!)

Handprint Pillow by Sugar Bee Craft Edition

I love this idea and I am doing it after the craft fair... I love hand prints and what a sweet little pillow to bring out every year!

Glove Warmers by A girl and a Glue Gun

This is suppose to be the coldest winter in 55 years for us in British Columbia... so kinda think those will be made... they would also be perfect to take to the rink when Joshua ice skates.

DIY Advent Calander from Bumblebee and Sophie

What a great idea!!!

Anyways guys that is all for today! I will try to get some pictures up of the santa clause bibs this weekend!!! And as well a tutorial for making your very own oven mitt for Christmas!!! I have lots of stuff for you all.

AS WELL! My hubby is growing a mustash for Novemeber (otherwise known as MOvember) to raise awareness for Prostate cancer... this is a very good cause, and thats why I have said for every $2 donated I will enter you in a draw to win a Kate Pixley Gift Basket!!! So enter here and be entered to win!!!

If you were featured feel free to grab a button!


  1. Oh my words, I love that pillow. That would be great for me and hubs to do with our wedding rings on a string or something being held by both. Cuteness. Enjoy your time, it flies quickly. Tammy