Friday, November 5, 2010

Feature Friday

Hey guys!!! Little Peyton has been sick all week... I have been waking up at 7 and not going to bed till 2ish... so I am beat this week!!! (BUT... I did make some pretty cool new things which I will show you later)

I spotted some pretty awesome projects this week... ones perfect for Christmas gifts!!! I went over to Gussy Sews and fell in love with her Support Handmade Christmas... and I am determined to do the same this year. Especially since Joshua is already asking Santa to please have his mommy make a Dino Dudes Blanket for him for Christmas.... DONE!!!

Okay so here are my favorites!!

Boys Scarf Tutorial by Living with Punks

I love it!!! It has a pocket for all the little cars and crayons.... LOVE IT!!! GIFT!!!!

Highchair Redo by Bumblebee & Sophie

I love this because I have a pretty ugly highchair that does not have a cover at present... and because little lady is already the 2 1/2 I don't really want to spend the time on it unless... hint to hubby to upgrade us to the 5.0 family version!!! LOL... (it is okay if my humor doesn't amuse you... I still laugh)

The Hexagon Quilt by Craftasical

This is BEAUTIFUL and while it isn't finished yet I have been watching since her first post on it and just love it!!! KEEP GOING!!!

Leg Warmers Tutorial by From and Igloo (I laughed as I printed this out)

GIFT!!! Little Peyton loves her dresses so this is perfect!

Autum Wreath Tutorial by Tattered and Inked

OH I LOVE THIS!!!! I have the same style of door and I have been looking for the weclome vinyl and a STELLER wreath... but I never buy them.... this made me so happy.

Okay guys that sums it up!!! I hope you have an awesome weekend!!! I will upload some new pictures hopefully today!!!If you were featured feel free to grab a button!


  1. Thanks for featuring me and for the encouragement! Love everything else too!

  2. Thanks for the feature :) I love your blog and that way cute scarf!