Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bathroom Part 3 {The Finale}

After painting the new walls a pretty colour which I of course {LOVE} because it looks like Caramel Coffee I needed the finishing touches.

I went with a Europe theme for the pictures, replaced the mirror, dark chocolate mats and a basket for toilet paper and this room was finished.

I started on tuesday afternoon and finished on Friday, I picked hubby up from the airport on Saturday night and suprised him with not one but TWO new bathrooms { I will share next week}... I loved the look on his face... and I love knowing I did it all by myself!!!

This was also on a pretty small budget,here is the break down:
Texture Paint and Suplies: $45
Paint: $30
Flooring & supllies $60
Mirror $39
Two Pictures $50
Extras $25

Total: $250 YAY!!!

Now you know why I was MIA for two weeks... one to do the bathrooms... and the other to recover!

So now I will be away for a few days as I am heading to San Francisco YAY!!! I have never been but am just so excited to go!!!

Have a good weekend!

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