Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My New Bathroom

So when we moved into this house last year I had to go in for back surgery so all the little jobs and big ones too had to wait.

Hubby had to go to Toronto for a buisness trip last week and I decided that I was going to suprise him by redoing our downstairs bathroom. There were a few issues with the bathroom:

1. It is really small and also a weird shape. when I say small it is about 40 sq ft....LOL.... TINY!

2. The walls are horrible, they are totally uneven and had holds from the previous owner, and just damaged.

3. There is an UGLY black mirror that I hate but is glued to the wall and if I take it off then there will be even more uneveness....

4. The floors are white lino and stained... I really don't know how you stain a floor in a bathroom.... BUT these are.

I hate HATE hate this bathroom... I never use it, I mean once in one whole year. But as this is suppose to be the bathroom that everyone uses on the main floor I wanted it to be beautiful, open and inviting. And something that when I come down in the moring I don't shutter!
URG.... what to do.

Well, I first the walls, I went to get wall paper but the cost was $400... okay scratch that idea. So my other option was wall texture.... have you ever seen it?
I went out and got Behr wall texture in sand ($40 cdn) and then a straw broom ($3 cdn) and then googled the Grass Cloth technique. Honestly... I LOVE IT. It is So easy and everyone who has seen it loves it. Wall issues are gone, the uneven space behind the mirror GONE! Holes covered up and GONE!!! You need to let it sit for 3+ days before you can paint it... But it looks so so so good once done. {and also looks like a textured wall paper.... but I saved $350 doing it this way!!!}

Come back tomorrow to see what I did to the floors!

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