Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Bathroom Part 2 {New Floors}

Okay so the floors are next.

This did take some time, but once I gave in and used my quilting tools it became a little easier.

I decided to get peel and stick tiles just from my local hardware store. They are inexpensive and have a guaranteed life of at least 7 years. As well, if one gets damaged I can replace just that one. The box says for 100sq, but it is actually much less than that if your bathroom or kitchen isn't a perfect square because you have to cut the tile (really easy just an exacto knife and a ruler, score it and then it snaps off) so you can only use two edges because they have to be perfect to line up with the other tile edges. I had about 7 tiles left in the box... and it only cost me $41 cdn for the floor.

Before I did the floor I used TSP to make sure all the grime and crud was off the floor. If you dont do this it won't stick and you will waste a tile, money and the time cutting the tile... so take 30 minutes and do this extra step... You will thank me.

After I used the TSP on the floors and the baseboards I repainted the baseboards and bright crisp white.

Then I started to lay down the floor. I was SUPER lucky that the lino already on the floor had lines so I didn't have to mare the midsection. I just took my first tile and started to lay it down.

It did take me two days... but thats because I became frustrated and didn't want to mess up so I went to bed with a bowl of popcorn and a Greys Anatomy (the one where they sing... SOOOO GOOD... sorry off topic)

I have to admit that the flooring is easy to medium... the CAULKING MADE ME WANT TO HURT SOMEONE!!! I do not like it... I thought I would... but I don't... I don't want to do it again. But I do love love love my new floors.

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  1. nice work! I bet you feel so handy around the house after that project ;)