Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Lady Lane Apron! DONE!

So I went to the fabric store yesturday and fell in love with some just truly beautiful fabrics... and because I had this little apron (and a bigger version for me in mind) I bought some. My verson is the same style only a black/yellow/white and grey fabrics... IT IS SO PRETTY! But I got the watermelon fabric and thought it would be just perfect for Peyton's Lady Lane apron....

So I took some paper, a dinner plate and a salad plate... and made a sinple pattern. I used the measuring tape for the ruffles and the neck part... and 1/2 salad plate for the watermelon pocket... 2 hours later.... DONE!

1st handmade pattern.... CHECK
1st Apron ever..... CHECK

Gosh I think I really love sewing!!!!

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