Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Fathers Day... What we did.

So this year for fathers day I really wanted to make something that the kids were in and that could be featured in our new house for years to come... I had a few requirements...

1. Had to use Pictures
2. Had to be Black and White
3. Had to include both kids
4. Had to Say "We love Daddy"
5. Needed to be inexpensive.

Yeah I figured it out.... I took the kids to the park with a blank piece of cardboard, and spent about 30 minutes taking random pictures with the kids holding the cardboard. I then went home and after everyone went to bed... okay here is my secret I went onto facebook and added the pictures to the Picnik application and changed the colour pictures into black and white, then added the letters in an overlay application. I drew the heart using the mouse, I sent the pictures into Wal-mart and one hour later these adorable little pictures were ready.

I grabbed a black and white 7 photo frame and placed them in order to read : we love daddy.

Daddy loves his present!

Linking up to Crystals Craft Spot for more fathers day ideas... for next year!

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  1. That turned out awesome! So very cute :-) I'm glad I could help and it looks like you got my arm out. Holly

  2. ha ha ha nope still there... just look hard.