Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I go all out on making the birthday cake for my kids... I have no idea why... for Joshua's first birthday I did a Winnie the Pooh Cake with tigger cupcakes (he was really into Winnie the Pooh.) For Joshua's second birthday I decided to make a three tear cake and cover it with icing and make it a Lightning McQueen Cake... I stayed up late that night and worked on it... in a heat wave... and then I went to bed really happy with how it turned out... then it melted.. and the backside of the cake came off... so Joshua had a store bought one... and I was fine with it.. because I was so tired at that point.

For Joshua's 3rd Birthday I took it easy and make blue cupcakes and just covered them with Thomas the Train blue icing (Wilton's is the best because you can get ALOT of colour without adding so much which makes them taste better)and then set them up on a cupcake stand and surrounded them with a wooden train track... Peyton's first birthday I did with the help of my friend Ashley and we created a flower arrangment with cupcakes and oreo cookies and some icing. We also added smarties which I made into little lady bugs and bees... they were so cute! Here are some pictures!

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