Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas from the Kids

So every year I like the kids to put together presents that they can hand out to all the wonderful people in their lives. Just something that they can say they did and something that is inexpensive and easy.

Last year we started a tradition I hope that we keep... we did bags of hot chocolate with marshmellows. And on the bag was a little poem that reads:

The Cocoa Poem

A little cup of cocoa
We're sending your way
For you to sip and enjoy
On some cold wintry day
As you sip this cocoa
Its warmth will warm your heart
Just like your love warmed ours,
Right from the very start

Merry Christmas

Love, the kids

And because that wasn't enough I bought terra cotta planters, google eyes, brown felt (the sturdy stuff)and red pom poms and we made Rudolf for the bags of cocoa to to be placed in... and then later the little Rudolf is a candy jar.

These both make easy presents for the kids to do, with a little help, and then give away.

Have a great day!

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