Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Pancakes.... YUMMY

So for Joshua's birthday I made happy colourful birthday pancakes... it is so much fun and really easy to do.

Make you pancake batter as usual, pancake mix works as well

Separate the batter into separate bowls... I used three colours Blue, Yellow and Red because Joshua LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine... but you can use more colours. just remember that you have to act quickly when putting the batter in the pan and if you have a bunch of colours you will end up with a really gross soggy pancake.

After you have separated the batter add a few drops of food colouring to your batter, mix well until the batter is the colour you want. Remember that the use of red food die that isn't tasteless like Wilton's tasteless red food die will leave a bitter taste to your pancakes... so your red will more than likely be more of a dark pink.

Heat the stove top at a medium high (or lower than you would normally cook pancakes) and place a little butter in the pan, add your first colour and use the ladle to flatten it out a bit. Add your next colour and third colour really try to make it thinner so that you don't have a soft spot in your pancakes.

You can make art, letters faces anything you like... serve to your littles on their favorite plate... They will love it!

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